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Montréal Airport

Realization and installation of glass guardrails.

Client: Aéroports de Montréal

Contractor: Cogela

Montreal Olympic Stadium

Realization of a laminated, curved and serigraphed glass cylinder for the staircase to the olympic pool’s springboard.

Client: Montreal Olympic Stadium

Contractor: TroChaîne Construction

Architect: Consortium Riopel Poirier Fontaine, Architectes

Centre universitaire de santé McGill

Realization of all the interior glazing of the CUSM as well as the exterior canopy. This major project allowed Techniverre + to win the INNOVATIVE PRODUCT - COMMERCIAL SECTOR award at the Recognition Gala of the AVFQ (Association de vitrerie et fenestration du Québec) in 2015.

Client: Centre universitaire de santé McGill

Contractor: SNC – Lavalin Construction Inc.

Architect: Beinhaker Architecte

ETS Maison des étudiants

Realization of structural glass guardrails as well as an interior hallway with point-fixed glass. Techniverre+ received the AVFQ‘s 2016 PRODUIT INNOVANT – SECTEUR COMMERCIAL prize from for this project.

Client: ÉTS

Contractor: Décarel

Architect: Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneux Architectes

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

Fabrication and installation of glass partitions and guardrails.

Client: Culture, Communication et Condition Féminine Québec

Contractor: SNC-Lavalin

Architect: Aedifica, Diamond, Schmitt Architects

University of Montreal Hospital Research Center

Realization of all of the CRCHUM’s interior glazings, as well as its glass guardrails.

Client: University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre

Contractor: Consortium Pomerleau-Verreault

Architect: NFOE et associés architectes

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