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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is four times more resistant than ordinary glass. If broken, it crumbles into granular chunks that are much less likely to cause injury.

This type of glazing is available in clear, ultra-clear or tinted in the colour of your choice.

Additionally, tempered glass can undergo a heat soak test which further reduces its chances of shattering. This product is often used for structural work.

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Laminated (or Sheeted) Glass

Laminated glass is composed of multiple sheets of glass and spacers, ensuring that the whole is held together even when broken, preventing the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces.

Spacers are available in colour, clear or with patterns. They can be standard or have structural resistance.

Laminated glass offers significantly improved sound attenuation compared to unlaminated glass, as well as blocking up to 99.9% of UV rays.

Laminated glass offers you numerous options !

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Printed Glass

Two options are available for printed glass:

  • Silk-screened glass: a process during which glass is silk-screened with ceramic frit, allowing a designer to create a subtle or bold look using patterns and colour.
  • Digital printing on glass: a newer technique allowing any kind of image, drawing, photo or design to be printed on glass by fusing ceramic ink onto it.
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Insulating Glass

Insulating glass is a unit composed of two or three plies of glass separated by a Low-E coating and argon gas, sealed with an energy-efficient spacer allowing for better longevity.

It can be manufactured with integrated blinds, silk-screened, laminated, heated, etc.

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Curved (slumped) Glass

Commonly known as curved glass, it combines the aesthetic qualities of glass with the elegance of curved shapes.

Slumping is a technique where plane glass is put over a hot mould or placed in a hot kiln to be curved.

Curved glass is available laminated, insulated, silk-screened, tempered, etc.

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Oversized Glass

Oversized glass is seeing more and more use as buildings become larger and people long for better natural lighting.

It is available in clear and ultra-clear, non-glare, with digital printing, laminated, curved or insulating.

We offer units measuring up to 20 meters and more than 785 inches in length.

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It consists of float glass, clear, ultra-clear or tinted, covered with layers of silver nitrate, with a protective coating.

Many types of mirrors are available: laminated, one-way, satin, antique, etc.

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Other Types of Glass

  • Flint Glass
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Tamper-Proof Glass
  • Fire Resistant Glass
  • Smart Glass  (becomes opaque using a switch)
  • Low Maintenance Glass (shower and exterior)
  • Spandrel Glass
  • Non-Glare Glass
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